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Gray Tones: One of the Top 2015 Paint Color Trends

June 15, 2015

Behr Gray TonesEarlier this year, paint industry experts chose four “It” colors for 2015. The standout hues were Blue Paisley from PPG Pittsburgh Paints, Coral Reef from Sherwin-Williams, Guilford Green from Benjamin Moore, and Seared Gray from Behr. While Blue Paisley took home top honors as the ProTect Painters 2015 Definitive Color of the Year, Seared Gray represented the current top trend: gray. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite interpretations of this color from leading paint manufacturers as well as bold colors that will complement the hues.

Behr’s Planetary Silver and Dark Pewter — The company pairs this light gray with a darker one to make an artistic statement in a hallway. The subtle contrast between the colors provides visual interest and complements both neutral furnishings and accessories as well as pops of color. Seared Gray, a much darker hue, would also work in this palette as either a third color or instead of Dark Pewter.

Sherwin Williams’ Roycroft Mist Gray — Grays are found throughout the company’s 2015 Color Forecast, but a subtle standout is this color, an almost taupe that complements any of the colors in the Chrysalis palette. In this bathroom, it serves as a neutral backdrop in a forest-inspired design.

PPG’s Mostly Metal — The gray and black offerings from this company cover a wide spectrum of shades, with an almost black but still decidedly gray proving impressive. This hue would pair nicely with Winter Chill or Gray Glimpse, setting a neutral yet not interesting tone in just about any room in the house.

The 2015 trend just behind grays in popularity is the use of bold colors. Each of the above companies also has such standouts to offer.

Behr’s Garden Swing — In this sitting room, the bright green, which falls somewhere in between mint and the color of rainforest leaves, turns walls into works of art. Neutral furnishings allow the color to remain the statement maker, with art and decor with similar and complementary hues tying the room together.

Sherwin Williams’ Coral Reef — The company’s 2015 Color of the Year is “the perfect mélange of pink, orange, and red that can be used to liven up any space,” it says. You can relax the vivacious color by pairing with the trendy Sedate Gray or energize it further with the purple of Baroness.

PPG’s Blue Paisley — In addition to being awarded ProTect Painters 2015 Definitive Color of the Year honors, PPG itself designated it as Color of the Year. “Selecting colors that signify a global eclecticism, such as Blue Paisley, aids in the translation of a homeowner’s rich collection of experiences into equally rich home decor options,” the company said. Mother of Pearl and Bone White in the provide a neutral contrast, while Curry Sauce complements and adds additional boldness.

2015 Definitive Color of the Year Badge v2As shown above with the Coral Reef and Sedate Gray pairing, these two trends will be seen working together throughout 2015. An easy way to use both in your home is to focus on complementary colors. If a gray is your top pick and will be the main color of a room, look at its undertones and select accent colors that complement on the color wheel. For a gray with green undertones, reds would be an option as the bold addition.

In addition to choosing the 2015 Definitive Color of the Year, the 15,000 interior design experts ProTect Painters surveyed had other advice for those of you looking to repaint your home’s interior. They were in agreement that the best choice for a neutral color is the living room and that the dining room is your best option for a bold color. Consider this expert advice and let us know if you need further guidance on your painting project.

Deck Stain Colors for 2015

May 14, 2015

exterior-wood-deckChoosing interior paint colors is a simple task when compared to selecting a stain for your deck. Inside, your decisions mainly revolve around personal tastes. For a deck, you must take into consideration the exterior color scheme of your home, the grain of the deck — do you want to hide or highlight it? — and surrounding landscaping.

Once you consider these factors, you can further narrow your options by checking out the hot hues for 2015. We’ve looked at the offerings and rounded up a few on-trend colors from leading paint manufacturers Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Sherwin-Williams to help you decide on the final palette for your deck.

What Are the Hottest Stain Colors?

Paint companies keep certain deck stain colors, from transparent to solid, in their inventory from year to year. These are basic hues that remain popular with homeowners. They also introduce new hues each year across all opacities, but the most dramatic effects are typically achieved with a semi-solid or solid stain. If you really want to make a statement with your deck, opt for the a more opaque version of one of these on-trend colors:

Benjamin Moore

Abbey Brown — This rich brown stain fits complements modern architecture and chic decor. The company suggests pairing it with lighter-colored furniture and bright accents for a contemporary design.

Stonehenge — If you want a more neutral backdrop for your deck but still want the hue to have presence, this washed grey stain delivers. Colorful decor and landscaping will pop against it, and because it takes a backseat you can change up your cushions and other items each year without worrying about clashing.

Benjamin Moore offers semi-transparent and semi-solid stains in 75 different colors. Solid stains can be custom-tinted with any of the company’s hues, giving you a seemingly unlimited number of options.


Light Lead — Behr also recognizes that grey is a hot trend for 2015. Just like Stonehenge from Benjamin Moore, this color makes a quiet statement while allowing other items on your deck to take the lead. If you like grey but want more punch, check out Harbor Grey or Drift Grey, two options with a bit more saturation.

Bordeaux — If you want the deck to be a focal point of your home’s exterior, look to the hot reds available this year from Behr. This one has a dramatic effect, which crisp white furnishings and decor can pop against. When opting for such a bold color, be sure to live with it for a few weeks on a small area of your deck to ensure you will be happy with it long-term.

Behr offers 54 colors alone in its Deck Over collection, with 54 solid, 54 semi-transparent, and nine transparent options available as well.


Sherwin-Williams Foliage Stain

SW 3535 Foliage
Exterior Semi-Transparent Stain

Foliage — This paint company’s deck stain offerings lean more toward the natural world for inspiration. A green such as this one brings to mind mossy tree bark, making it perfect for a home on a tree-heavy property if you want to blend into the wooded environment.

Almond Tree — Another rich neutral that lets its surroundings sing, this hue proves popular with homeowners who want a contrast to home with a bold exterior color scheme. Remember: a neutral can also make a statement, just a quieter one.

Sherwin-Williams offers 51 semi-transparent stain colors and 48 solid, with the latter offering more hues than can stand on their own as opposed to simply adding a touch of color while highlighting a wood’s natural beauty.

If you would like further guidance as you choose stain colors for your deck, please set up an appointment with one of our professional painters. We can help from color selection through job completion.


The Perfect Mix: After a Lifetime Apart, Couple Finds a Bright Future with Each Other and ProTect Painters

May 6, 2015

Trevor Handby and Helen Parkin understand the true meaning of the word “renovation”, and not just in reference to their new ProTect Painters paint contracting business. During their recent graduation from the ProTect Painters new owner training program at the company’s home-office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, before receiving their awards for completion, the presenter told the audience a bit about the Handbys.

“These two really have quite a story,” said Noel Ramirez. “The way they worked together so well in training, I was sure they’d been married for 30 years. Actually, they were engaged to each other when they were younger, but that didn’t work out. They each went on to live very full, separate lives.” He continued, “Then more recently, they came back together and have now been married for five years.”

It appears the two have found the perfect mix, because they are a dynamic duo on the road to success in not one new territory for ProTect Painters, but two. With the help of Trevor’s son, Mike Handby, the family is opening the new ProTect Painters of SE Metro Denver, and ProTect Painters of Lone Tree, Parker and Castle Pines. Bringing Mike into the business was a move to put more hands on deck for starting up such a large area.

“I think starting with two territories right away would be challenging without a third person,” Helen said. Mike Handby also completed owner training with Trevor and Helen.

ProTect Painters is a full-service interior and exterior painting company with a strong focus on customer service and project management. Together, Trevor and Helen have these skills in spades. Trevor has an extensive background with over 30 years in leadership roles for developing companies. He is proficient in customer service and managing large teams in areas of operations, IT, legal, HR and administration. Helen spent 17 years as an analyst in the UK, and is a former business owner. Her passion and eye for design will be a real asset to their ProTect Painters business.

The future for this pair looks to be of the brightest hue. When they aren’t working side by side in their office, they enjoy taking in the entire outdoors that Colorado has to offer. Trevor enjoys “jeeping” (off-road) with his sons, they both enjoy camping, and Helen is an avid gardener.

Popular Paint Colors

December 24, 2014

When choosing a new paint palette for your home, looking at the most popular colors is an excellent starting point. After all, so many customers choose them for a reason. Let’s run down popular colors from leading paint companies Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Porter Paints.

Benjamin Moore

This paint manufacturer makes it easy to follow trends in paint demand by listing its best sellers by color family. The top 10 reds are:

  • Benjamin-Moore-Caliente-BathroomBoston Brick

  • Hodley Red

  • Bermuda Pink

  • Red

  • Dinner Party

  • Fox Run

  • Townsend Harbor Brown

  • Spanish Red

  • Fruited Plains

  • Caliente

If you prefer a more neutral color, the top 10 are:

  • benjamin-moore-stonington-gray-stairwayGray Owl

  • Revere Pewter

  • Stonington Gray

  • Edgecomb Gray

  • Monterey White

  • Muslin

  • Classic Gray

  • Manchester Tan

  • Bleeker Beige

  • Shaker Beige

The company also lists top 10 colors for oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, whites, browns, blacks and grays.


While this paint manufacturer does not show its colors grouped by sales online, it does share best sellers with its reps. The most recent list features an overall top 10:

  • sherwin-williams-kilim-beige-exteriorDover White

  • Kilim Beige

  • Antique White

  • Navajo White

  • Softer Tan

  • Alabaster

  • Pure White

  • Latte

  • Nomadic Desert

  • Divine White

As you can see, whites, beiges and tans dominate the list from this paint company. This makes sense for a number of reasons. First, new construction tends to veer toward neutral color palettes so as to attract a wider range of buyers. You can more easily envision living in a home with neutral walls, even if you dream of brighter colors, than you can one with hues you just do not like.

Second, these colors are also the safest choice for overall and attract existing homeowners as well who prefer to use furniture and décor to make color statements.


This paint manufacturer not only offers up its most popular colors by family, but also by room. The top 10 for blues are:

  • behr-ozone-living-roomOzone

  • Russian Blue

  • Windjammer

  • Sapphire Sparkle

  • Embellished Blue

  • Bleached Denim

  • Windsurf

  • Millstream

  • Cayman Bay

  • Cumberland Fog

And in the bedroom, the top 10 colors are:

  • behr-wasabi-powder-bedroomSandpoint

  • Classic Taupe

  • Studio Taupe

  • Chateau

  • Toffee Crunch

  • Antique White

  • Pebble Path

  • Wheat Bread

  • Wasabi Powder

  • Rejuvenate

As you can see, the top colors are neutrals, with many veering toward green, a relaxing hue perfect for a sleeping space. In contracts, the top 10 colors for the kitchen are:

  • behr-apple-crisp-kitchenAntique Red

  • Mexican Chile

  • Cantaloupe Slice

  • Pumpkin Cream

  • Peanut Butter

  • Apple Crisp

  • Swiss Coffee

  • Roman Plaster

  • Oklahoma Wheat

There are a few neutrals on this list, but the appetite-stimulating red dominates.

Porter Paints

Finally, this paint company shows its colors by family and group, with clean, muted, and neutral as the options, as well as by collection. You can glean which hues are the most popular by looking at the numbers.

The company sells 324 greens, 258 purples, 241 different blues and 205 oranges. Compare that to the three mauves it offers and you can tell which color families are most in demand by homeowners.

Where to View Popular Paint Colors

Each of these paint companies shows their complete color collection online, helping you narrow options with a variety of tools, from virtual paint chips to room visualizers that allow you to upload a photo and apply a hue.

Each manufacturer website also has a store locator if you prefer to see colors in person from the start of your search. These locations, whether standalone outlets or sections in home improvement stores, also can provide paint chips and samples to take home and test.

And, of course, your professional painter can help during any step of the selection process and also share which colors prove the most popular for your type of home and region.

Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects, ProTect Painters provides local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship. Utilizing a myriad of paint options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, ProTect Painters guarantees a stress-free home improvement experience for its customers.

Office Color Schemes

December 3, 2014

Just as you keep mood in mind when choosing paint colors for your home—a tranquil green for the bedroom, an appetizing red for the dining room—so should you when picking a color scheme for your office. Use these tips to do exactly that.

Consider Your Line of Work

What do you do for a living? Your profession should factor heavily into the paint colors you choose, whether for a home office or commercial space you share with others.

Blues—This hue works for a variety of professions, as it aids in concentration. It also evokes a sense of trust and security in those who work in the setting as well as in those who visit. With that in mind, businesses that offer financial or healthcare services often utilize this paint color in their offices as they want clients and patients to feel they are in good hands.

Behr-Earth-and-Sky-OfficeIn this Earth and Sky office space by Behr, the blue frames the windows, applying that mood to the view and outlook for both the resident of the office and visiting clients. The blue of Heron complements Melted Chocolate on the walls and Classic Taupe on the trim.

Greens—This paint color also works well in healthcare settings, especially that of mental health, because of the strong sense of calm and balance it evokes. Financial institutions also use it in darker hues for those same feelings as well as for the suggestion of growth and wealth.

Benjamin-Moore-Soothing-Home-Office-SpaceThe color palette for this Soothing Home Office Space by Benjamin Moore would suit a therapist perfectly. It uses Tree Moss on the walls and trims the room in Mountain Peak WhiteBranchport Brown serves as the accent color, grounding the room throughout.

Reds—If your line of work requires you to be productive physically, opt for this stimulating color. Physical trainers who paint their space with a red accent wall keep clients motivated and working toward their goals.

Benjamin-Moore-Earthy-Yellow-Home-OfficeYellows—If your job requires sparks of creativity throughout the day, look at different shades of yellow as it inspires new ideas and sets a playful tone. Designers, writers, artists and others in creative professions benefit from having yellow in their workspaces.

This Earthy Yellow Home Office Space by Benjamin Moore would suit a graphic designer well. Dijon coats the walls, with Deep in Thought doing its job on the trim and door. The blond finish on the furniture and complementary chrome keep the room airy and light.

Other Tips for Choosing Office Paint Colors

Keep it simple. Too many colors can create a confusing, hectic mood that distracts both you and visitors. Choose one main color and complementary hues for accents and trim. If you choose multiple groupings for a larger complex, keep in mind that the vantage points throughout the office. What colors can you see through open doors? Do the colors schemes in each room flow from one to the other? They should.

Brighten things up. For common areas used for collaboration, such as conference rooms, keep the color scheme bright to spark creativity as noted above. Your employees won’t find a space with plain white walls conducive to coming up with big ideas that will boost your business.

Ask for input. If you do own a business with multiple employees working in a space, include them in the creative process. The final decision will be up to you, of course, but getting the input of those who will share the office with you 40-plus hours a week will make it a collaborative effort. Just don’t ask everyone to pitch in on the painting itself. Hire professionals for that.

Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects, ProTect Painters provides local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship. Utilizing a myriad of paint options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, ProTect Painters guarantees a stress-free home improvement experience for its customers.

Commercial Building Paint Schemes

November 28, 2014

Picking exterior paint colors for a commercial building differs from doing the same for your home. Whereas a bold color may suit your three-bedroom bungalow on a half-acre lot, it may not work on a larger structure in a business district. Keep the following considerations in mind when choosing the color scheme for your commercial building.

Commercial Buildings Typically Are Bigger

Commerical-Painting-Metal-Siding-dsA neutral color palette may be the best option for a large building. Not only will the right neutrals blend with the structure’s surroundings, they will more easily complement your business logo or any exterior signage. Allow these elements to stand out against the color scheme, also picking up bold colors on accents, such as trim and doors.

Note: If your commercial building has historic status, know that your options are limited to those approved by the governing body. For example, the historic district in Grapevine, Texas, specifies the paint manufacturer preservation color palettes for all landmarks and buildings that must be used, and plans must be submitted to the city for approval before any modifications are made. Be sure to check with the appropriate office in your city if painting a historic building.

Consider the Architecture and Exterior Material

Commercial-Painting-College-dsIn addition to picking a color palette that you like and that would serve your business well, also consider the style of building and its exterior materials. For example, don’t paint a Victorian in sedate hues—use the architectural interest to make a statement if appropriate.

The material itself not only affects the appearance of a paint color, it also may dictate a specific product to use. Wood requires different paint than concrete and different paint than stucco to get complete coverage. Your professional painter can best advise on this front.

Look at Surroundings of the Building

Just as you factored in your company graphics, also look at what surrounds your building when choosing paint colors. Does it sit on a small lot? A darker color will keep the building from looking oversized. Also ask: Do you have evergreen or seasonal landscaping? Are the driveways and walkways neutral or must their color be considered, as well? What colors are the surrounding buildings? What services does your business offer? A law office, for example, would require a more sedate in tone palette than, say, an ice cream shop.

And just as you must follow guidelines and get approval if your commercial building sits in a historical district, the same applies if you lease within a business or industrial park. The owners of the property likely have architectural standards that all occupants must adhere to—check before starting the creative process.

Ask These Questions of Commercial Painters

Spray-Paint-TechWhen getting estimates for your commercial painting project, ask if the companies are licensed and insured in order to protect your business and its employees during the application. Also request references and examples, calling past clients to inquire as to the professionalism of the painters and driving by the past projects to see the work done. This will be an investment of time and finances for your business, so you want to ensure the work will be done in the time frame given and to the standards promised. You can also get more advice on choosing a professional painter on our website.

Once the exterior painting has been completed, move on to the interior. It makes sense to complete the entire painting of your commercial building in this order, as depending on the size of the building and what your business does, you may need to halt operations during the process. Using a company that has proven itself outside can mean staying on schedule during an interior painting job.

Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects, ProTect Painters provides local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship. Utilizing a myriad of paint options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, ProTect Painters guarantees a stress-free home improvement experience for its customers.

2015 Paint Color Trends | The Most Popular Schemes of the Year

November 17, 2014

Do you have plans to paint the interior of your home in 2015? If so, then familiarize yourself with the paint color trends that will be followed across the country. We rounded up the color schemes destined for popularity from leading paint companies Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Pittsburgh Paints.

View our main website for more on 2015 Paint Color Trends and the opportunity to enter our 2015 Definitive Color of the Year survey.


Behr-Essential-Teal-BedroomThe company presents 15 palettes for the coming year, including Deep Dreams. Shown in two bedrooms on the Behr website, the dark colors transform the space into “a dreamy, mythical landscape.” In the first, Essential Teal covers the walls, adding mystery and majesty. Seared Gray on the walls of the second bedroom serves as an elegant neutral.

On the lighter side, Behr shows Frosted Pastels in two bathrooms. The frosty pink of Secret Blush on walls has an airy, feminine appeal, and Dandelion Tea creates a lovely background against which brighter accessories and furniture can pop.

Nuanced Neutrals in two kitchen examples creates the “perfect marriage of function, color and contentment.” The dusty Blue Clay covers the walls in one, with the crisp Snap Pea Green as the dominant color in the other. Mocha Foam, Mulberry Wine, and Peach Preserve complete the color scheme.


Sherwin-Williams-Frank-Blue-Living RoomFour palettes represent the paint company’s color forecast for 2015, among them Unrestrained and the “bold, ethnic-inspired colors to the Bohemian lifestyle.” In a living room example, Frank Blue and Nifty Turquoise cover accent walls, with Marshmallow providing contrast.

In Chrysalis, the earth and sky served as inspiration for an oasis. The bathroom shown uses Cotton White and Willow Tree, with Sticks & Stones and Roycroft Mist Gray also in the décor and paint color scheme.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin-Moore-Guilford-Green-Sitting-RoomThe company has already announced its Color of the Year for 2015: Guilford Green. Ellen O’Neill, creative director for Benjamin Moore, describes it as “A neutral that’s natural. A silvery green that works with, well, everything.”

The color palette it comes from includes 22 new hues for 2015 within four collections. Guilford Green belongs to Ground Yourself in Green, which takes inspiration from “a citrus grove, a pot of lemon verbena, a sprig of silver sage.” The hue shows up in just about every room in the example house, from the entry way to the enclosed back porch.

In Tried, True & Utterly New, tradition carries on but with a twist. Old Claret provides a pop of sophisticated pink in a bathroom and adds warmth on the walls of a living room.

Pittsburgh Paints

Pittsburgh-Paints-Blue-Paisley-Dining-RoomBlue Paisley takes home the Color of the Year title from this company. Described as “a lavish, almost-but-not-quite royal shade of blue,” it will “play a prominent role in home décor trends for the coming year as homeowners look to positively influence their lives and decisions with vibrant hues,” Pittsburgh Paints says.

It comes from the Co-Leidoscope trend palette, inspired by the taste of the exotic and luxury, global travel. The collection also includes Mother of Pearl, Bone White, and Curry Sauce.

The softer Good Life palette “emphasizes an earthen spirit and a respect for simplicity to uncover the maximum harmony between man-made and the natural environment.” Oatmeal, Burnt Red, Holland Tile, Malibu Dune, and Curlew create color scheme rich in soft reds, pinks and whites.

When following a paint color trend, be sure to choose hues that you will love for years to come in order to get the most from this home improvement investment. Also keep in mind current furnishings and décor as well as any changes you envision making during the lifetime of the paint job.

Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects, ProTect Painters provides local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship. Utilizing a myriad of paint options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, ProTect Painters guarantees a stress-free home improvement experience for its customers.

Red Paint Colors

November 10, 2014

Few paint colors intimidate homeowners like red does. Let’s take a fresh look at this bold hue to see if it might fit into your décor.

Where Does Red Paint Work?

behr-chili-pepper-entrywayThis color family stimulates, which makes it an excellent choice for the kitchen and dining room, where you want appetites to increase and conversation to spark. It also can work in other areas of your home.

For example, if you use your living room as a family center or regularly entertain, a red accent wall provides stimulation but does not overwhelm. The same goes for the bedroom. Simply balance the strong color with neutrals on trim and other walls, and use muted lighting at night to allow your brain a break.

Red also suits smaller areas, including entryways and bathrooms. Just imagine the statement you make by greeting your guests with red walls.

The key to incorporating red into your color scheme is to choose the amount that works best for you. If you don’t see painting the walls or a room red, or even just one wall, considering adding it as an accent, such as to built-in bookshelf backs or stair risers.

Families of Red

benjamin-moore-hot-apple-spice-officeYou also must choose the right red for your comfort level and taste. Within the red color family are a wide range of hues. For example, one red might find inspiration from the rose, while another from the lighter azalea. The former would make an excellent color for the dining room, while the latter would suit a bedroom better. Reds veering more toward purple or more toward orange also set different tones.  Choose the hues that draw you in while keeping the room in mind.

Red’s Complementary Colors

Blue, red, and yellow are the primary colors on a color wheel, with the secondary colors of green, orange and purple a result of mixing those colors. Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green come from mixing a primary and secondary color to create a tertiary color.

Knowing the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors helps you use color theory when choosing colors that best complement one another. A complementary color of blue, red or yellow is the color made by mixing the other two. That makes green the complementary color for red, with the two working together to create a brighter, more intense appearance. For a more subdued approach, use neutral colors to offset the intensity.

Popular Red Colors

Benjamin Moore offers the option to see colors by popularity on its website. Popular reds of the moment include the true Red, which resembles a tomato, as well as the perfectly named Boston Brick. Fruited Plains is a pinky hue, with Hodley Red almost a mauve. Spanish Red, Caliente, Dinner Party, Fox Run, Townsend Harbor Brown, and Frosted Rose round out the top 10 bestsellers.

Behr also shows its colors by popularity and family. Bestselling reds are California Poppy, Morocco Red, Awning Red, Antique Red, Wine Tasting, Spiced Wine, Cinamon Cherry, Forbidden Red, Dare Devil, Shangri La, Lipstick, Chili Pepper, Red Pepper, Classic Cherry, Rose Marquis, Farmhouse Red, Springtime Bloom, Bold Brick, Chipotle Paste, and Spring Nothing.

Each of these paint companies also suggest colors to complement the reds, helping you get their expert advice when creating a palette for your home. You can also ask your professional painter for guidance, and be sure to have him or her apply samples before moving forward with a color from this bold family. Because red is such a bold color family, you want to be sure before applying to an entire room.

Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects, ProTect Painters provides local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship. Utilizing a myriad of paint options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, ProTect Painters guarantees a stress-free home improvement experience for its customers.

Painting Brick or Masonry

October 27, 2014

Paint can transform brick and other masonry. Whether your home fireplace or office concrete walls needs a new look, choose the right products and perform the proper prep to ensure high-quality, long-lasting results.

Brick and Masonry Specialty Paints

The leading paint companies make products specifically for masonry, which means they adhere well to the surface and also provide certain protections against the elements, the latter necessary for use outdoors. Let’s take a look at a few paints:

Behr-White-Painted-Brick-ExteriorBehr — This company’s Masonry, Stucco & Brick Paint is an acrylic-latex that accentuates the unique surface while also hiding imperfections. It repels water and resists mildew and alkali. The water-based paint self-primes, saving you a step, and adheres well to both interior and exterior surfaces. It lasts up to 20 years and cleans up easily with soap and water. The paint comes in more than 30 colors and in flat, satin and low-sheen finishes.

Sherwin-Williams — Dozens of masonry-specific products are available from this company for both interior and exterior surfaces, with one sure to fit your need. There are clear, solid and textured finishes to choose from for brick, cement board, concrete and stucco. Acrylic/latex, alkyd/oil-based are among the options, with alkaline resistance and water repellant or proof among the features. There are even products that provide one-coat coverage.

Benjamin Moore — Super Spec 100-Percent Acrylic Masonry Sealer is a standout product by this company. It goes on before the finish coat to reduce porosity of the surface and to provide excellent surface adhesion. The product also can be tinted and used indoors or outside.


exterior-house-painters-prepThe first step in painting brick or other masonry involves cleaning the surface. If you find mold, mix a solution of 3 oz. TSP, 1 oz. laundry detergent , 1 quart 5 percent bleach and 3 quarts warm water; scrub with a medium-soft brush, then rinse with water. Efflorescence can be removed with a stiff brush and water. Moss will require an application of weed killer followed by scrubbing with a stiff brush and water.

Once the surface has been cleaned, go over again with a stiff brush to remove any loose material, including paint flaking. If you have multiple coats of paint, you may need to remove them in order to get the proper adherence.

How To Paint

Because of the unique characteristics of each type of masonry, professional application is your best bet if you do not have experience with this type of work. A professional painter can look at your surfaces and assess the best products and application methods for the work.

For example, a professional may recommend a cement-based paint for an exterior wall that requires more protection from wet elements. This type of paint makes the surface it coats less permeable to water, but they require the walls to be cured a month in advance and the product itself must be mixed prior to application for best results. Coats must be 24 hours apart, with water dampening after each for proper curing.

Latex paints for masonry are easier to apply, with the best type dependent upon whether it will be used inside or outside. The same rule applies to solvent-thinned paints, with oil-based products not recommended for exteriors.

No matter which product you use, plan to use more on brick or other masonry than you would on other types of surfaces. Because of the surface’s porous nature, expect to use up to 50 percent more paint. You can reduce that number by using a special primer or block filler, but there will be more cans purchased for this project than for one involving sheetrock.

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Modern Paint Color Ideas

October 8, 2014

What does “modern” mean when it comes to interior design? Sleek furniture, minimalist décor, and a simple paint palette. Today’s modern colors go well beyond black, white, and gray, though those standbys still prove popular. Let’s take a look at modern paint colors standing out in 2014 from Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore.

Blacks, Whites, Grays and Beyond

Behr-A-Timeless-Appeal-Living-RoomBehr pairs the not-quite black of Beluga with Aqua Breeze and Cascade White in this living room to create a cool, neutral color scheme. The black also turns the stairs into a statement piece and ties together furnishings and floor covers.

The West Elm Collection from Sherwin-Williams features decidedly modern hues to match the store’s style. Tricorn Black and Incredible White represent their end of the spectrum, with Cityscape, Folkstone, Homburg Gray, and Monorail Silver sitting in between. The black, white, and any of the silvers would make a sleek trio.

Benjamin-Moore-Living-Room-New-Hope-GrayBenjamin Moore presents one of its most modern palettes without the black, using New Hope Gray as the main color and Lancaster Whitewash on the trim. The deep lavender, almost gray of Tempest adorns bookshelf inserts.

When creating a color scheme using black, white and gray, be sure to offset darker colors with light. The previously mentioned Behr room uses lighter paint colors on the walls and trim to keep the black leather furniture from weighing the room down. Also continue the coolness of a palette through to all hardware finishes and metal décor, opting for brushed nickel and the like.

Big Bold Colors

Behr recommends using a bold color as an accent wall within a modern room. In this bathroom, it paints one wall in Academy Purple to make a stylish statement. Gobi Desert coves the others, with Thick Chocolate as an inset color around the mirrors. Additional décor in the room picks up on the deep eggplant.

Sherwin-Williams-Artistically-Bright-Family-RoomIn its Artistically Bright palette, Sherwin-Williams offers intense colors such as the teal of Gulfstream and the fire of Ablaze. Gold Crest and Juneberry also will make a modern statement. Even the Bohemian Black and Extra White would have a strong presence in such a palette.

Benjamin Moore uses a bold color on the ceiling in this masterfully modern living room. With Midnight Navy up high, Pale Avocado covers the walls to keep the room light. Both colors show up in décor and furnishings.

If you have never gone beyond simple neutrals before, use paint swatches to fall for bolder colors over the course of a few days as opposed to realizing that you don’t love them after the fact.

Tips for Creating a Modern Room

When pulling together a room with modern décor, keep minimalism and symmetry in mind. Do not over-decorate, and be sure that items of all sizes are in balance, whether that be through furniture placement in the room or on a bookshelf. To keep furniture moving to a minimum, measure the room and the furniture, and then use the info to create a floor plan. Erasing on a piece of paper takes much less muscle power.

  • Keep within the color scheme as much as possible to maintain the simple nature of the room. The benefits of choosing a simple color palette go out the window if you pile on too many hues afterwards.
  • Consider a neutral palette if you like to change items such as throw pillows and artwork regularly. This will allow you to change the look and feel of a room without starting from scratch.
  • Stick with simple textures and shapes as well in a modern room. You do not want to clutter the design aesthetic with busy fabrics on upholstery or through highly textured accessories.

Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects, ProTect Painters provides local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship. Utilizing a myriad of paint options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, ProTect Painters guarantees a stress-free home improvement experience for its customers.

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