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5 Ideas to Make Chalkboard Paint Work For Your Home

July 12, 2012

Create a fun, functional, and unique space in your home using chalkboard paint for your home painting project.  After all it is durable and washable!

5 Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Home

  • Kitchen: If your kitchen has a cozy eating area or a desk area that is home to all homework activities, shopping lists, recipes or bill paying this is a perfect spot.  Put a frame around it to dress up the most popular room in the house!
  • Child’s Room: make sure to put this in a low area for easy reach.  This is a perfect place for them to communicate on the day they had or the one coming up!
  • Mud Room or Laundry Room: A chore board is a novel idea.  Make sure that weekly chores are assigned and being checked off the list.  This is a perfect place since it is usually far from sight by visitors, but in bird’s eye view of those that get things done around the house.
  • Office or Den: This is a perfect location to keep your household “organization” running smoothly.  Designate an area to keep up with weekly activities instead of just the monthly bills.
  • Bar Area or Family Room:  Great area to add whimsical messaging while entertaining.  Notify your guests what you are serving or remind them of good cheer!

To find a Chalkboard Paint to use for your project-make sure to go to the ProTect Painters Home Painting Partners page.

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